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    Crucial Concerns


    by gordon.rudd ·

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      Educational Void

      by gordon.rudd ·

      In reply to Crucial Concerns

      The current educational void in America concerns me a great deal. Fewer and fewer people are enrolling in computer science courses and though spending by corporations on employee educational benefits seems to have stabilized many corporations are still ?trimming? or ?reallocating? budget dollars by reducing the company?s educational support for their employees.
      Education is our tomorrow! Though budgetary concerns are valid, the larger question in my mind is what are we going to do when we have truly lost the ability to use technology to gain a strategic advantage in the market place or to separate our corporation from the pack? Too narrow is the view of those who see no real value in technology. If technology is to have real monetary value and an ROI that will justify corporate expenditures that will leverage the technological investments we have today and fund the development of future technologies education has to a crucial concern; both in the colleges and universities and in the work place.

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      Are you working 40 hours a week or less?

      by gordon.rudd ·

      In reply to Crucial Concerns

      There are so many issues with IT ?and over burdened workers it is a very real concern, but who really cares?  The IT pro?s that are 30 something?s don?t care.  Why should they?  They are usually under-paid and over worked, though that should cause some concern it apparently does not.  In fact, when asked, most under-30-IT-workers reply that they are ?working at jobs they would pay their employers? to do.  Only the military rivals the toys you find in a large corporation today.

      Are you working more than 40 hours per week?  Why?  Just to stay employed or pay your bills?  Is anyone out there working ?normal? hours?  Or has the definition of normal hours changed for you? 

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      Linux here I come!

      by gordon.rudd ·

      In reply to Crucial Concerns

      Microsoft (MS) has once again demonstrated that they have a lot to learn about technology and its application.  MS has also demonstrated that they have a short memory.

      A decade or so ago, MS & Apple went through a phase in their corporate development that led them to believe people who nothing about technology were the best source of information on how to develop and use technology.  To their credit, some of the ideas that came out of that time helped to make operating systems easy to use and more ?user friendly? to the masses.

      However, with all due respect to those person?s making the decisions at MS, Mr. Allchin has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Florida, a MSc in Computer Science from Stanford and I believe a PhD in Computer Science the Georgia Institute of Technology.

      That make Jim Allchin a super geek in my book?and this change of the guard makes me want to start taking a good hard look at deploying Linux!

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      Monopoly vs. Free Market

      by gordon.rudd ·

      In reply to Crucial Concerns

      If we were playing a game of Monopoly we would be looking at more than just the current role of the dice.  We would be looking ahead to Boardwalk and Park Place!  So why are we now ignoring the future and focusing on the simple side of this issue?  We can?t seem to see past the obvious profit motive?so far.  After all the bottom-line is the bottom-line and every company is looking for a way to move a few extra dollars to the bottom-line. 


      While our capitalistic side applauds the wild-wild-west aspect of the Internet and the real opportunity for anyone to strike-it-rich I feel we should look at the entire board and see what ?might? transpire in the very near future.


      On the one hand we have SBC merging and becoming AT&T?who now wants to purchase another ?baby bell??and so it would seem attempting to recreate ?Ma Bell?.  On the other hand we have AT&T and other large telecomm companies saying we need to charge large players more money because they are using so much bandwidth that it is actually causing problems for the ?normal? internet users.


      When did the glut of dark fiber go away?  What happened to all of the unused bandwidth?


      My advice to anyone trying to analyze this situation is ?follow the money?.  When you trace the money, the strategy becomes obvious.  As far as I know all telecomm companies are regulated by multiple state and federal agencies.  Some of their regulatory compliance is in the area of rates.


      If in the battle between the river and the rock the river always wins?but why not find a new and innovative way to go around the rock?a way that would allow regulatory compliance and create a new tariff classification for large bandwidth providers?and allow the carriers to do as one other post in this discussion alluded to? turn off any competitive threat?


      Who loves you baby?bell?

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