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Crying wolf: The IT security dilemma

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
In this week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter, columnist Scott Withrow states that managers have a tendency to think that the IT security department is "crying wolf," yet sometimes the security concerns they're raising need to be addressed. Have you ever felt that your IT security department was "crying wolf"? Did you ever mistakenly dismiss a valid concern from your security department because you were used to overlooking that team's warnings?

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by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Crying wolf: The IT secur ...

Note from the editor: Reader ttm135 sent us the following feedback about the e-newsletter.

Scott Withrow,
Your "Crying wolf" security article was right-on. Please investigate and report other methods used to ensure people are NOT getting lax on security.
Personally, I believe that systems should be in place that WATCH for security 'laziness' or violations. Yes, I suppose I am talking spyware.
But installed with the full knowledge of the workers -- they must be brought
on-board to the concept that if willing to activate such spyware, they can
be more confident that slips will be caught before they inadvertently cause
a REAL problem (spelled "you're fired"). Such 'spyware' should also exist
in the project managment tools to remind all projects to keep security in
the loop. Thanks

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