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    Crystal Report 8.5


    by zorna.oconnor ·

    Hello ALL,

    I am a newby to tech republic and also to the DBA world. I really need some help getting my crystal report going and I hope you will help me. I am trying to create a report using crystal report 8.5, I have successfully connected the database to the program but I do not know the structure of the database and so although I can pull data from any one table I cannot enforce referential integrety to allow queries across table. I have been researching and I realize there is reverse engineering but that not helping out either, as all the programs I have been using freeze up. The database has 1753 tables.

    What can you recommend that I do in order to be able to get a schematic view of the database in order to write sensible queries.

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      by zorna.oconnor ·

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      View of database

      by gemma_honour ·

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      I’ve found Oracle SQL Developer useful for getting my very large database to make sense, and building meaningful links. It’s available on the Oracle website as a free download. I too am a newbie, so there may be better ways of doing this, but by using this tool you can more easily see the links in the database as you have a clear view of the data in the tables. You can also use SQL to filter the records that it gives you, which can also be handy.

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