Crystal Report (8.5) is not working on win7/windows 2008 64 bit system

By argeraju ·
Crystal Report (8.5) on win7/windows 2008 64 bit system

Crystal Report (8.5) is not working on win7/windows 2008 64 bit system

My application is a vb application and I am using Crystal report 8.5. It is working fine on 32 bit system and 64 bit system of Windows 2003 server. When I run the same application either on win7 64 bit or on 2008 64 bit, report does not open.
I am using vb script to access the database.
Part of the code written in the VB script file is as follows:
Dim objrsRecordSet 'As RecordSet
Dim strSQL 'As String

'**** Open Database Connection using the parameters passed from the main program
Set dbConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
dbConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=" & mstrServer & ";uid=" & mstrUserName _
& ";pwd=" & mstrPassword & ";Database=" & mstrDatabase & ";"

dbConnection.CommandTimeout = 200

dbConnection.Properties("Enable Fastload").Value = True

Basically we have two visual basic projects developed in VB 6.0 language: let

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Request for Clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to Clarifications

is it compatible with OS's above 2003? That's where I would start, make sure it is compatible for your new operating systems

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We use 8.5 where I work

by Slayer_ In reply to Crystal Report (8.5) is n ...

It works completely fine on Win 7 64 bit machines.

We did have some issues initially with SQL server 2008 (I think that was the version) but then a service pack for the server fixed it I think.

I have had ADO fail because SQL connectivity wasn't installed. You could try that.
We use SQL 2000 PE and then just choose to install connectivity to get it working.

I don't know if this helps you at all, but I can say it does work on modern OS's.

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