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Crystal Report v. 11 vs. SQL 2000 Reporting Tool

By eevargas ·
What tool is more effective and advantageous in writing stored procedures report? Crystal Report v. 11 or SQL 2000 Reporting Tool?

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I'd vote for Crystal 11

by cballinger In reply to Crystal Report v. 11 vs. ...

SQL 2000 reporting is just above version 1.x, it is very limited on features, depending on the complexity of your reporting requirements it may do just fine, but I'd prefer the robust nature of Crystal 11, the ability to read most database formats either native or via ODBC, and the web-based features.
A lot depends on your requirements and those of the clients receiving the reports.

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Stored Procedures or Reports?

by onbliss In reply to Crystal Report v. 11 vs. ...

I had worked with Crystal Reports 8, and SQL Server 2000 database. I was very impressed with Crystal Reports.

I am curious to know what are "stored procedures report"? Is it some knew paradigm?

If it was some kind of typo, then I agree with what has been said, SQL 2000 Reporting Tool is still nascent and not as developed as Crystal. With the merging of Crystal and Business Objects, I think Crystal is more suited. (I was doing a brief research a year ago about these two tools, though I did not get to use them)

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stored procedures report

by eevargas In reply to Stored Procedures or Repo ...

Thanks for all your replies. Stored procedures report is just like batch file. The data required for a single report comes from different databases with different data type. So for us to create a report, we have to create a temporary stored procedures using SQL queries.

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Temporary stored procedures?

by onbliss In reply to stored procedures report

Thanks. Why bother about the creating/dropping each time? Are you using some ETL mechanisms to create a repositry of data that the report needs, or do you just go against the transactional (operational) data?

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Recode from Crystal to SQL SERVER 2005 #$%?~|%

by lhernandez In reply to Crystal Report v. 11 vs. ...

Is there any easy way to directly exports a report coded in Crystal into the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services? Our Company has always had Crystal and all our reports are in Crystal now i see a slow migration into SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and I would hate to have recode all those reports.

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Another Reporting Product to Evaluate... THE 1st embedded reporting tool!

by TWilchek In reply to Crystal Report v. 11 vs. ...

JReport is the first embedded java reporting tool and was started back in 1998. We have a eclectic customer list with financial services companies like Visa, HSBC, and Bank of America, as well as software vendors who OEM our product like EMC, HP, and IBM, and not to mention manufacturing, government, telecom, etc.

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