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    Crystal Reports -“Cannot open SQLServer”


    by amedal ·

    Ok, here is the situation:

    A VB Project calls a CR v8 report. Logged on as a regular user on the PC and in the VB application gives me the “Cannot Open SQL Server” error when I call for the project. However, if I`m logged on as Admin then it works fine. This is obviously a Permissions issue, but wich permits to modify? and where??? I`ve set the users rights to Administrator and it works perfectly, but when I switch it back to User rigths it gives me the error again. Even when rights are set to Advanced user, same error…

    This PC has WinXP PRO and is the only one giving me problems. All the other computers have Win2000 and works perfectly. The database resides in a Win2000 SBS.

    Any help towards where and how could I change permissions to correct this problem?

    Thanks for the help!

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      Reply To: Crystal Reports -“Cannot open SQLServer”

      by steven_v_brown ·

      In reply to Crystal Reports -“Cannot open SQLServer”

      Oh, ran into this years ago…
      Its the Logged on users permission.
      If the Connection String for SQL server is set to authenticate you must add the User’s AD account to the SQL server and give them SELECT rights to the objects (Table, view, Stored Procedures, functions, etc) being viewed.
      To test setup the user as DBO for a short time to see if access if granted. Remember SQL does not reset permissions until that users connects are cleared.
      Question: Do you have sufficiant SQL licenses? Some programs will give misleading error messages.

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