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I sure hope someone can help me out on this. I am using Crystal Reports 8.5

This is the first time exploring Charts and the question i have might have a simple answer (I hope).

The report (Detail Line):
Customer Name (pulled from DB)
Part Number (pulled from DB)
Customer Due Date (pulled from DB)
Ship Date (pulled from DB)
Number of Days Early (using a formula)
Number of Days Delinquent (using a formula)

That part was easy, I got what the user wanted. Now the user wants to have a Pie Chart for a visual for our customers to see.

I am placing the chart in the Report Footer, the user does not want to have pie charts for each Customer Name so there are no group Headers or footers, I need to have just one Pie Chart at the end. The Pie chart consists of 2 objects for a period of time (Number of Days on time -- from the formula and Number of days delinquent -- from the formula) The labels in the pie chart are coming up with:
"Sum of @Number of Days Early" and "Sum of @Number of Days Delinuent and I would like to not have the "Sum of @" at the beginning of the Label, also I want to change the location of the Legend.
I am using the formula below to get the Number of Days Delinquent that is used in the Detail section of the report and the forumla is used in the Chart Wizard. (a simular formula for the number of days early)

If {SO_Detail.CUSDUE_28} < {SO_Detail.SHPDTE_28}
then {SO_Detail.SHPDTE_28} - {SO_Detail.CUSDUE_28}

I am looking at a text book for Crystal Reports 9.0 and in the chapter for Charts it says that you can Modify Individual Objects in the Chart,
"The ability to do this within Preview is new to Crystal Reports 9.0. It is important to recongnize the chart as a series of individual objects with their own formatting options and settings. By selecting an item, those optins will become enable for our use."

The problem I am having is I can not select any objects in the Chart area since I am using CR 8.5 Does any one know of way to "edit" the "Sum of @? Is it not possible to do this 8.5 Or am I going about this all wrong?
Also is there a way to change the Text that is in the Legend box, that also has the "Sum of @" text and i don't want that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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