Crystal Reports XI- Date Ranges

By stremlowr ·
I'm fairly new to Crystal Reports, but have been trying to understand how to input a specific date range for the data showing up in my report.

I've tried using the Parameters function, but have yet to get that to work for me the way I assume it should.

If someone can help me out with a basic step-by-step, I'd really appreciate it.

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Dates are easy

by Dr Dij In reply to Crystal Reports XI- Date ...

YOu need to:
1) identify what data field you will be comparing the parameter input date with
2) create a formula conditional with field date less than or greater than the parameter date or field name within the date range (then create TWO parameters, a start and ending date)

setup parameter field with formula
you can put prompt text in the parameter field.

they show up witn ? before field name and you can type it in formula or select it visually from parameters expandable block in the formula editor, instead of a data field.

you can also put formulas in the date to, for example add months or days, or find last day of month or first day of month or subtract years..

it also helps to print the date parameters that the user typed in, possibly after you clean up or convert to a fiscal year, etc. on the report itself or on top if exporting to an excel spr

tek-tips website has 4 dedicated crystal forums where people help asnwer questions, including one on formulas

Now when you refresh the report will ask you (or report user) for date or date range automatically if these are used in selection formula via your putting in conditional selections.

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Still not getting it...

by stremlowr In reply to Dates are easy

I do know what field, and I do know what dates. (The people viewing this report will need to have the ability to alter the dates any time the report is refreshed) I think what you're telling me to do wiould work, if I could do it.

I'll label my areas of confusion beginning with the top. In step 2, you state make TWO parameters... each of those have an area for a beginning and end date. Therefore, are these meant to be the total that I'd like to view the data from, or am I just to ignore one... ?

When I look at the "new" parameters area, am I supposed to enter the formula into the "value...description" area?

I've done what I think I can do without knowing exactly if above is working correctly. I'm asked to re give parameter value if I'd like, and then when i do and refresh the screen, the data hasn't changed...


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