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CS vs. CIS vs. CE

By samgaffer ·
I'm a high school student on his way to college next year. I am currently enrolled at a CCNA Academy and will have my CCNA when I graduate. I also work at an ISP.
I have talked with many different network admins, they all say the same thing, get experience. Okay, I got a job. But what do I do for college? Very few of the people I talked to got degrees in the fields they ended up in or didn't even go. I have been wondering about what degree to pursue. Computer Science or Information Sciences? I have also heard a few mentions of Computer Engineering degrees. I'd love to hear some discussion on this topic from so many of you.

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by a_vasold In reply to CS vs. CIS vs. CE

I recently graduated collage with CIS degree and also debated between CS and CIS, After doing much research at the university I realized that the CS degree seemed like more for stickly coding, where as CIS hit all aspects of business plus programming, I picked the business route because I figured I would have a broader job range. I also realized the Computer Science at the university I was attending requires an awful log of upper level Math. I began working as an entry level programer, got bored and am now the supervisor of the helpdesk slowly making my way up the corporate ladder with only 1 year experience. It all depends on what you think you want to do when you graduated collage.

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