CSMA/CD or CSMA/CA for a wireless LAN

By h.sanber ·
Why I cant use CSMA/CD for a wireless LAN.

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Request for Clarification

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Clarifications

Why would you even want to if it were physically possible? (It's not). What are you trying to accomplish?

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a suggestion

by sanjeeb69 In reply to CSMA/CD or CSMA/CA for a ...

CSMA/CD (Collision Detection) is the MAC method used in
a wired LAN (Ethernet). Wired LAN stations can (whereas
wireless stations cannot) detect collisions.

In case of WLAN, while transmitting, the strength of its own transmissions would mask all other signals on the air. So, the protocol can't directly detect collisions like with Ethernet and only tries to avoid them.

However, on a wire, the transceiver has the ability to listen while transmitting and so to detect collisions (with a wire all transmissions have approximately the same strength).

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Because the mechanism to detect collisions

by robo_dev In reply to CSMA/CD or CSMA/CA for a ...

is only effective if the client can communicate back to the sender to tell it to slow down or re-send the data. Since a WLAN typically has a much higher collision rate than a wired LAN, this would mean that the collision detection messages would not make it back to the sender. WLAN is a shared medium, so collision rates tend to be very high.

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