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css and Netscape 4.75

By brentwgarner ·
we are developing a website using .asp and .css. the site looks pretty good in IE 5.5, but when we test in Netscape 4.75, anywhere the style sheets have been applied, the text looks pixelated. Also, the tables do not line up properly, but I can fix that. Does anyone know what the deal is with .css and Netscape, or is this an .asp issue.


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re: css and Netscape 4.75

by FloridaKevin In reply to css and Netscape 4.75

I'm not expert with regards to Netscape, but it has been my finding that Netscape Navigator(in the 4.0+ range) just doesn't like stylesheets. I'm a ColdFusion developer, so I doubt the problem lies with ASP.

My two cents.

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re: css and Netscape 4.75

by Kevin III In reply to css and Netscape 4.75

The Netscape 4 series was initially developed and distributed before CSS was matured into a standard. As such, CSS support in NS4 is spotty at best. Anything much beyond simple text manipulation is bound to be wrought with problems, and even text sizing is often incorrect.

NN6 (specifically the latest version, 6.2.2), however, offers perhaps the best CSS support of any browser on the market.

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Netscape 4.75 and CSS dont mix

by Kanto Boy In reply to css and Netscape 4.75

Welcome to the bane of web designers! Designing pages for Netscape 4.75. Well coding for Netscape is not impossible, but it is very tedious. And guess what? Doing so screws up your ability to design for the latest browsers, yes that includes netscape 6.0 and Mozilla!

So my recommendation is to forget Netscape 4.75 and code for compliance with w3c standards. It makes everybody's life easier.

If you must code for NS 4.75, be ready to create two versions of your code, one for Netscape 4 and another for the rest of the world.

Ok . . . its not that radical but you'll at least need to know how to switch CSS style sheets and make the browser load the appropriate one.

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