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CSS, IE, divs, 50% width..

By fadingdust ·
I'm trying to get a table to fill the area of the parent div, but if I add "style=width:100%" it takes up 100% of the window.

Firefox renders better than IE, but I need BOTH to work!!

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um, link bad

by Jaqui In reply to CSS, IE, divs, 50% width. ...

since it just gives the default godaddy site coming soon site.

but [pre]<?xml version="1.0" ?>[/pre]as the very first line of the document, even before the doctype declaration, will often fix ie display issues with xml and css, since it throws ie into a quirks mode that displays them better.

my own site that one line is the only code used to get ie to render everything correctly.

css box model is the title of a recent TR article that explains how to create lines using css to get the look you want. :)

edited for clarity of code snippet usage

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Broken Link

by broto In reply to CSS, IE, divs, 50% width. ...

Hey, your link doesn't work, might check http://haslayout.net/css/extrawidth.shtml I think that will solve your problem.

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