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    CSS text button rollovers revisited


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter revisits the topic of CSS text button rollovers. Do you think you’ll use the technique described in this e-newsletter to make the entire box a pure CSS text button that is clickable? How often do you use CSS in your development environment?

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      by robynls ·

      In reply to CSS text button rollovers revisited

      I have applied your suggestion to a new site I am developing with some success. A couple of suggestions I would make are:

      * since

    • indents the button, I have had to use a margin-left of -30px to get the menu ‘back in it’s box’

      * to give the impression of a pushed button, I have added border: 2px #ffffff inset; to my #navpanel li a:active rule. This does result in a small problem in that the border: 2px #ffffff outset; of the #navpanel li rule stays active so I end up with a double bordered button for a moment, but it still looks ‘pressed’

      Thanks for the interesting newsletter articles

      — Robyn Smith —
      Sydney, Australia