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By ctskilld ·
Why can`t you just slowly intergrate the voip service into
your network without having to cut the at&t
imbilecal cord in the same operation?

The savings will eventually come down the road after the assesment period of testing
and comparrison of features w/ implamentation.

There are still some viable and productive
reasons in some small businesses for having
a fax machine, however this application is rapidly becoming antiquated like the typewriter,
and should be replaced by e-fax service
whenever possible.

Going green is fine, but don`t be fooled....
Do not needlessly and wastefully spend money and manpower to assimilate reduction/footprint.
If it takes energy, time and manpower to incorporate recycling efforts, you must streamline
and create/prioritize the most profficient
and effective applications first.

There have been environmental disasters created
from recycling...such as the ink cartridge fiasco off the African coast.
Also those new light bulbs contain mercury and
could be a potential clean-up disaster in the
workplace the research.

Promote in house car-pooling, thats a no brainer.....everybody is going to the same place. If your commute is two hours or more, use a commuter service and spend that time productively so as to fast track/make compelling the advocacy/argument (for) of a four day work week.

Some people really need to loose the consultants...for example....when relocating,
you don`t need someone to hold your hand anymore while crossing the street...capiche?

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