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After running Disk Cleaner (changed from 7 days holding to 1 day while back) & did %Temp% purge prior to finding these files in my Local Drive C:TEMP file folder :hponac01.log, hpjsilg2.txt, hponis.000-003.log,hponicifs01.log,hponiscan01.log,
hpzpin00,01,02,03.log, BoiseWizNet.txt, BoiseWizNet.his. I apologize for the lengthy list, but I have spent day and half searching for clues as to what these files are before deleting...hopefully someone can clue me where to search or insight as to what these log files are? They are over a year plus old, could they have just now made it to the TEMP folder? Any and All help, info & input very appreciated...Lil' ndn.

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Based on the file names.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to C:TEMP FILES ???

.... most are log files created when you installed an HP product. Perhaps a printer or all-in-one device.

To view the contents of the .LOG files, right click one and choose Open With... then select Notepad. Of course, just double clicking the .TXT files will open them in Notepad. You can read the contents of the files and possibly determine what they're for.

Chances are, since they're in a TEMP folder, they're not needed. They were left behind by an installation package that didn't clean up after itself.

By the way, doing "%Temp% purge prior to finding these files in my Local Drive C:TEMP file folder" only means you cleaned the folder assigned to that "path" which is generally c:\Windows\Temp. It does nothing to clean temp folders created by other applications.

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Trying Notepad...

by Lil ndn In reply to Based on the file names.. ...

Thanks, tried opening with default "Adobe" which informed me that the logs/files were either corrupt or e-mail attachments that had gone wrong during mailing. Will try Notepad and see what happens. THANKS!! I really should have thought of that, but didn't...bliss, i reckon or just working on the weekends syndrome.

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More information would be helpful ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to C:TEMP FILES ???

What type of computer are you using?
What operating system is running?

What do you mean by "(changed from 7 days holding to 1 day while back)" ??

Which 'Disk Cleaner' do you refer to ?

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The lenght of time refers to..t

by Lil ndn In reply to More information would be ...

The time period which Windows XP stores/holds files in "temp file bin." By changing registry entry from 7 to 0 it doesn't retain them as long with each pass of XP's system tools "DISK Cleaner" tool. THANKS!

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OK I have to ask what OS is in use here?

by OH Smeg In reply to C:TEMP FILES ???

Because Local Drive C:TEMP file folder or C:Temp isn't a Windows Folder created by the install of Windows it's a user created Folder that Windows doesn't actually use.

If you are using XP and did a clean of %TEMP% that is supposed to clean all of Windows Temp Folders the one in Windows Folder the ones in the Documents & Settings Users Folder and everything so where have you found these files?

As one of the above posters has already said a lot are HP Files of some sort that are Log Files and can be deleted the ones that peeked my interest is the BoiseWizNet ones as I don't recognize them but as you have a TXT file there if you left click or double click on it depending on which OS and how it is setup it will open a Text Reader and display the Text Message.

Also if they are a year old that Temp Folder wherever it is isn't being looked at when removing Temp Files. The Time & Date stamp that is on them is when they where written to that Folder not when they where used last or whatever was installed or the files where written. It is the date that they where written to that folder with any Operating System.


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Usijng Windows XP SP3

by Lil ndn In reply to OK I have to ask what OS ...

Just got back in and started a the bottom, sorry thought I put OS in orig post...was in hurry, for this I apologize. I did try to open several of the hpopdi--.logs and was told that Adobe couldn't open as they were either corrupted or email attachments gone wrong. Will try to open BWNet.txt file and get back in a short...Thanks!

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To OH Smeg

by Lil ndn In reply to Usijng Windows XP SP3

The boisewisenet.txt in part reads: CNtwkContainer::_logInStructVals, In Structure Settings: Model Search String -=psc 2500 series|officejet 4200 series|officejet 7300 series|officejet 7400 series|photosmart 2600 series|photosmart 2700 series|officejet 6200 series|officejet 7200 series|

Apparently, old HP printer script. the other text file was some sort of script/code i presume. Then the "TEMP" FILE can be deleted safely, ay?

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Yep **** them out of the water

by OH Smeg In reply to To OH Smeg

Or at least off the HDD for ever.


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by Lil ndn In reply to Yep blow them out of the ...

Lil' ndn

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