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    CTI and IVN requirement gathering


    by naveed ·

    I am new to Business Analyst role for Call Center and have a tough boss. She has assigned me all alone on the CTI/IVR project. Unfortunately I don’t even know how to start. No helping material is available in our organization. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

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      Start with basic requirements process

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to CTI and IVN requirement gathering

      First of all, look for any existing documentation – look for project goals and objectives and/or critical success factors. You need to ensure you have requirements which meet those goals, or your project will fail.

      You should also understand the difference between technical requirements and functional ones. A functional requirements – what is the application supposed to do. A technical requirement – related to the OS/technical environment/system performance/interfaces etc.

      Your project plan should identify who the project stakeholders are. You should contact the stakeholders and ask them to identify people in their organizations/departments who can work towards defining the requirements.

      Once you have the people identified, you need to start meeting with them and working on creating specific requirements. Keep the project scope and the goals and objectives in mind. You might need to stratify the requirements into “must haves” and “nice to haves”. A must have is required to fulfill the objectives or the critical success factors of the project. A nice to have can be dropped in order to meet deadlines.

      Once your working groups have defined the requirements, you need some sort of formal review and revision process – involving the stakeholders.

      I hope that helps.


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      – I don’t even know how to start …..

      by greg_ross_sr ·

      In reply to CTI and IVN requirement gathering

      Start at the end. The last achievement or task of your CTI/IVR project is your sponsor’s definition of success. This success definition needs to be measurable and quantifiable. Don’t do anything else until you know what your end goal is. Your only hurting your own cause and opening yourself up to a lot of unneccessary blame if the end-user is not happy with the result – even if you did everything correct according to what was thought to be the original plan.

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        PM or Analyst

        by bgordon1000 ·

        In reply to – I don’t even know how to start …..

        You mentioned you are an analyst, but you are asking questions that would lead me to believe you are responsible for the overall success factors and requirements for the project. That sounds more like a project manager role. Is there a formal PM for your project?

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      how this helps u

      by tgowdy02 ·

      In reply to CTI and IVN requirement gathering

      Go to and put in CTI/IVR and it will give u some info. Google is a great thing.

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      Computer Telephony Integration

      by ryan.gillespie ·

      In reply to CTI and IVN requirement gathering

      You should research CTI,

      let me know what you think

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      Email for help

      by imtiaz.abdulkader ·

      In reply to CTI and IVN requirement gathering


      I can offer some help to you as i have been working as an analyst in the IVR space for about 4 years.. you can email me on

      with a brief of waht you are trying to achieve.


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