ctrl-alt-delete doesn't work on Wireless Keyboard

By NameRemovedByRequest ·

I just bought the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000. All the keys work on their own but I cannot use Ctrl+Alt+Delete in order to logon. If I try to do this absolutely nothing happens. No errors, no blank screens, nothing. (To note, it doesn't invoke the Task Manager either when I'm actually logged into Windows).

I should note that I work for a software company so we have to log in by doing ctrl-alt-delete and I am not able to disable this because of that.

Does anyone know why and how I can fix it so I can keep the wonderful keyboard? I'm not very technical so the better the steps to fix, the more I would appreciate it, THANK YOU!

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You might want to write this down.

by Absolutely In reply to ctrl-alt-delete doesn't w ...

Attach a wired keyboard, just to use for login.

Then again, you might not want to write it down.

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but why...

I could do that, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of buying a wireless keyboard?

I guess to clarify what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a way to make the new keyboard work with this functionality - as I don't see why it is not?!

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. I am NOT looking for a workaround.

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lol, I don't know

by Absolutely In reply to but why...

I don't really know what the purpose is of buying a wireless keyboard, so I'm not sure how to defeat such a purpose, assuming there is one.

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to 'absolutely'

by NameRemovedByRequest In reply to lol, I don't know

the purpose of the wireless keyboard for me is that it's more ergonomic and doesn't require you to relearn the keyboard such as the split keyboards do. when you work 40+ hours a week on a computer this becomes more of a health issue, not just to annoy you by posting discussion topics. thanks.

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You can easily find wired 'non-split' keyboards . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to to 'absolutely'

So I can't understand why your justification lies in "it's more ergonomic and doesn't require you to relearn the keyboard such as the split keyboards do".

If your present system is devoid of the ol' favourite PS/2 socket, just get a wired USB keyboard.

I've never heard of 24 inches of cable being "non-ergonomic" before.

That's a good 'un !!

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You might want to read this............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to ctrl-alt-delete doesn't w ...

While this article does not specifically mention your model of keyboard, it does mention the Comfort Keyboard 2000.

Basically, the article says NOT to press two keys at exactly the same time. Press them one at a time, holding them down while you press the next key. CTRL key is specifically mentioned.**27/en-us

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unfortunately the article doesn't apply. this is taken from part of it:

However, if you press one or two of the following keys in combination with another key on the keyboard, the keyboard correctly identifies the key combination:
? Windows logo key

any others? :)

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I think you're quoting a Quasi-Delict in Linguistics, actually

by OldER Mycroft In reply to article

Given that all these quotes are from the written word (a form of communication frequently contributing to misunderstanding), by definition a combination relates, in this case, to:

Ctrl+Alt+Del an example of 'combination'.

As opposed to:

[Ctrl,Alt,Del] an example of 'simultaneous action'.

I have never seen any advice promoting, by definition, that a user should press Ctrl, Alt & Del simultaneously.

If nothing else, your fingers would hardly look 'ergonomic'.

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