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By igp ·
How to turn off/on CTRL+ALT+DEL on NT-like systems (NT 3-4, Win2k, WinXP, Win .Net)

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by seandurcan In reply to Ctrl+Alt+Del


This is a document on how to enable it so by the same token it should be able to disable it by changing the value from 0x00000001(0). Try it on someone else's machine first,preferably someone you don't like!!

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by igp In reply to Ctrl+Alt+Del

1) This link is not working;
2) I placed my question to "programming" cause I want a code! I know how to do it on Win9x series, but NT-based is diferent.
I need A CODE on any: Delphi, VC, VB.

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by mtadeu In reply to Ctrl+Alt+Del

Well, you can make a hook, using "SetWindowsHookEx" with WH_KEYBOARD_LL for low level keyboard filtering.

Note that it will get a bit confusing with all those key up/down messages, but with a bit of pacience, you'll get it.

Good luck

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