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    Ctrl-space toggle strange behaviour


    by ronny mf ho ·

    I found this happen on almost all English WinXP, and also Chin WinXP with IE7 installed…

    Normal situation:
    In most applications(such as Word, notepad and other apps), pressing ctrl-space will toggle between English and Chinese(or other language) input method.

    After installing IE7:
    Pressing ctrl-space doesn’t work. It seems that “ctrl” is not pressed and return in a space only. When the “En” language bar icon is pressed, Chinese(or other language) method can be selected. After that, ctrl-space can toggle it on/off again.
    This happens also in Outlook and Outlook Express, but not in MS Office or other appps.
    If the IE7 windows is closed, ctrl-space toggle will return to its “non-function” situation until clicking the “En” icon for selecting.

    I searched the internet for quite a long time but cannot find any solution.

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