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Curious about Help Desk ppl

By john2mx ·
Im curious about what Help Desk people can handle problems internally & what they can't handle externally?
I might do a course on this so someday.

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by jtakiwi In reply to Curious about Help Desk p ...

Our company model is to remotely solve 90%+ problems. The rest may require an on site visit by us or a third party company, depending on location.

Tied into that is good, proactive management of anti virus, data packups, patch management, firewalls, WAN management, performance metrics of critical systems etc... Everything you can do proactively pays off on the reactive side.

Our Level 1 and 2 help desk techs solve problems w/ basic apps (MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, IE, Windows XP, 2000 Pro) and basic administrative tasks such as account management, email accounts, remote access, term server sessions, that sort of thing.

The obvious external things that cannot be handled remotely are HW failures (handled by pc or server manufacturer if you invested in name brand EQ and a good on-site warranty), router and firewall HW failures which cannot be attended to remotely.

Good luck

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by pb_valiant In reply to Curious about Help Desk p ...

a lot of help desk people can't solve problems on your first call - u can however get brilliant help desk support where nearly every query can be solved on the phone the first time in minutes but it depends on the company and the qualifications of the help desk staff. Unfortunately this is very rare but i guess the upside is it that it keeps me in business. All my customers complain that for most problems their told "oh we'll have to send someone out to fix that" - i wonder whether some of these companies are doing it because the clients have no idea or the companies have no idea

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by OTL In reply to Curious about Help Desk p ...

Good answers above, however what is the technical level of your users ? Administrative types require more simplistic technical guidance ! Technicians suprise HD people by what has already been tried and what they are capable of doing ! (DUH, if you can figure out which end of a screwdriver to use/you are technically inclined)

What I have found;

1. Most HD people assume you know 4 things about a PC;
1. How to turn it on and off
2. How to type characters on the screen (use a key board)
3. How to use the mouse.
4. How to click on / type URL's to surf the web.

Bigest suprise to them is when you tell them what the OS is and you are waiting for the HD to spin down to flip it over/pull it out to get the S/N !

All above aside, with the proper training and no hardware failures they should be able to handle any software / operator error encountered.

Simple components with little instruction can be replaced by the most technically challanged. 99% of problems sould be handled by an intelligent HD ! Only MB/LCD failures really need to be outsourced (unless under warranty send to OEM), most monkeys can replace parts !

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