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currency conversion in Access

By john.a.wills ·
I have a table with a currency field. I want to convert the currency field to a number with two decimal places for export. I insert into a long integer field in a second table, and the cents and the decimal point get lost. When I export I get the numbers left justified. What type specifications should I be using in my second table?

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by john.a.wills In reply to currency conversion in Ac ...

When I make the field in the second table fixed I get suitable-looking numbers. But I still get left justification at export.

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by Calson In reply to currency conversion in Ac ...

You need to insert it into a double field with decimal places set to two.

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by john.a.wills In reply to

No, the numbers still came out left-justified at export, with no decimal points and with the (all zero this time) cents missing.

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Similiar Problem

by wyscavern In reply to

I have a similiar problem. Although I got all the numbers to come through including the cents, it keeps rounding up to the nearest dollar and I need exact amounts. Here is my code for formatting. I need extra zero's in front of the actual amount so I can download into another database.
Right((String(12,"0")+Replace(Replace(FormatNumber([Cash Receipt Total],0),".",""),",","")),10)+'00'.
The formatting works perfect for me, but when I have 22.50 it comes out to be 2300, which will not work. I cannot figure out why it is rounding or where in my formula I tell it to round???

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