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Current Motherboard Sockets

By jordanspcrepair ·
What are the most up to date motherboard sockets?? is there any new socket designs being made, and does anyone know if there is a new socket design even talked about being made?? i know there is socket 939, AM2, and previously made socket designs. how long will socket 939 and AM2 sockets exists? if there is a new socket design made, will the 939 and AM2 sockets extinct? Which brand of motherboards is best and most trustworthy, as in will the company follow the warranty? has anyone had any trouble with Tiger Direct?? i have been told that i need to find a different place to look at computer parts, but my vo-tech uses Tiger Direct for all there computer needs. which is the better processor company, AMD or Intel? Has anyone tried the Biostar GeForce6100-M7 motherboard??

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WOW! Now that's a lot of questions.

First let me start of with AMD vs. Intel. I have to say right now it's a matter of preference. If you?re going to be doing a lot of heavy mathematical calculations (like using CAD for architectural design) then you want to stick with Intel. Otherwise I'd saw it's a wash. Your best bet is to watch for the best deal.

The socket designs you asked about, 939 and AM2, are both fairly new. Any socket you buy you can bet will be replaced with something new in about a year. In most cases though you can still buy parts and processors for two to three years out.

Tiger Direct is ok but if your not comfortable with them you may want to check out www.newegg.com They have been around for quite sometime and have a great selection at great prices. If your looking for a company that can give you more help and information on what to order you may want to check out www.insight.com or www.cdw.com both are great companies to work with.

As far as motherboard manufactures Biostar is on the low-end. I would recommend either MSI or Gigabyte for a quality motherboard. One thing that I like to do is go to NewEgg and look at the user ratings and reviews. This will give you a ton of insight into ordering a motherboard or any hardware and even if you don't order it there it's a great resource.

I hope this gives you something to start on, let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to Current Motherboard Socke ...

Well Dave pretty much summed that up.

Newegg.com is probably the best place to buy parts at a decent price. Their not the lowest nor the highest but they have a wide selection and their return policy is top notch. They used to use FedEx and had godlike shipping [order monday get it at your door by Thursday] but has since gone with UPS so the ship times are longer.

I like Dave in Wisconsin like MSI boards. Back in the says of the Athlon socket A , MSI boards were rock solid stable and came with lots of features. Asus, Gigabyte, are decent boards.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to Current Motherboard Socke ...

so i will have to buy new memory for the motherboard i get. since msi or gigabyte doesn't support kbyte memory. i have 256MB PC2100/2700 266/333Mhz DDR-SDRAM, and i don't want to waste it. other people have told me that i should just get rid of it, but i paid good money for it. i don't care if i have the dual channel architecture enabled. i am just getting all confused about stuff. i know what i want, but my mind gets changed everytime somebody tells me anything.

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by JamesRL In reply to Current Motherboard Socke ...

I know you have lots of questions and most already answered.

I love TigerDirect, but they have a Canadian outlet, and we also use them corporately as well. Prices are good, service is good. But it never hurts to shop.

With regards to AMD verus Intel, for most applications right now, AMD has more bang for the buck. I use AMD at home, Intel at work. The new Intel duo-core may make it a toss up on a value per dollar basis.

In terms of chipsets, the 939/AM2 is current, and AMD will probably introduce a couple of newer socket versions before they stop selling 939. If you want to buy a computer today, buy it. I know people using 486s today. In reality most people buy a whole new computer rather than upgrade their processor - at the price of motherboards these days, it makes some sense.

Never used Biostar. I agree they have the low end reputation. I have used Asus (used to be the best now, not so sure), Abit, which is also top tier.

Currently I am running an MSI motherboard with the ATI chipset. Dont let it confuse you, the graphics board makers also make motherboard chipsets but that doens't mean you have to use their video cards just because you buy a motherboard with their chipset.

A pretty good resource is tomshardware.com. Good reviews on MB and general information on hw standards.

If you are looking at a barebones kit I like:



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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Current Motherboard Socke ...

Well I don't live in the US and I never buy Retail so I'll leave it to others to answer those questions.

As for M'Boards there are only a couple that I would ever consider they are ABit, ASUS & Gigabite though Tyan is my preference for Multi Processor M'Boards at the moment but I don't think that you would be interested in one of those.

The AMD Socket 939 is the newest available and will be around for some time to come unless of course AMD comes up with a solution to the newest Intel Product that whips the socks off the AMD's that may mean a socket change to instigate better performance. Outside of AMD I don't think that anyone knows an answer to that one that will be willing to even breath a word of it though several M'Board makers will have to have been asked to build some Prototypes for testing purposes.

My biggest gripe with AMD is that they only make the CPU and not the Chip Sets that run them so here you are at the mercy of the Chip Set Maker which can be SIS, NVidia or ATI and I've had issues with using some chip set Video Cards on the same brand M'Boards.

As for your RAM the DDR2 RAM is different and Will Not Allow DDR RAM to fit that socket so you're stuck with the RAM it's not going to fit in the new M'Board no matter what you do. Even if you found a M'Board maker that used DDR RAM on the Socket 939 it would slow down the CPU and make the entire machine run slower so you would be wasting your money in buying the better CPU/M'Board. If your worried about it sell it on E-Bay you'll most likely get close to what you paid for it so you'll nor loose much if any money.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

When it comes to Intel the Socket 775 is the current one and will be around for some time to come as the current AMD beating CPU's fit this Socket. They also have the advantage of having no pins on the CPU or Socket just contact points so you are far less likely to damage the CPU/M'Board if you mess up fitting the CPU. With Intel CPU I only consider Intel Chip Set M'Boards you get the best performance possible and you know that the CPU was made to work with the Chip Set on the M'Board unlike AMD where you can have performance issues because something is Made Do with.

The other commonly used Intel Socket is the 604 which is the current one for the Xeon's but as these are predominately aimed at the server end of the market I don't think that you would be interested in these. However the Xeon Sockets tend to stay the same through that product range and don't change the way that the Pentium Sockets do.

Out of all the current available Sockets I would say that the 604 is the one most likely to have a longer life at the moment. But that's just my Personal Opinion.

As for new Sockets they will defiantly be in development s both AMD & Intel will be working on not only faster speed CPU's but at the very least the next generation of CPU's that they will be releasing and depending on the Current Market Forces and production capacities these could be either a long way off or close by this will depend on what the competition does with their current generation of CPU's. AMD currently is the one most likely to come out with something different as they have been pushed into a corner with the latest Intel Chips. But again it all depends on what AMD can manage to fit onto their existing Chip as retooling for a different socket is expensive so the makers try to keep to the same socket for as long as possible to cut costs this is particularly true for AMD who try to constantly undercut Intel to get sales.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Right at the moment I don't think that there is much to separate AMD & Intel though AMD has had a history of trying to make the Big Kill and blow Intel away which has always come back to hit them in the face and nearly send them over the edge into oblivion. But for a few years now AMD seems to have settled down and hasn't pulled a stunt like this although though if offered the right opportunity I don't know what they would do, it's quite possible that they would sink so much capital into something to beat Intel that they could go broke in the attempt which wouldn't be in anyones best interests.


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