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    Current win2000 domain, migrate to win2003, remove old PDC


    by ezeger ·

    sounds like a simple request.. My 2000 domain is OLD.. have a new server, 2k3 Std installed. Joined 2k3 server to the domain as a member… then try to run DCPROMO…

    1. the old server is domain control, and file & print services, so nothing earth shattering….
    2. all files moved to the new server & utilizing active directory permissions
    3. my idea is to promote the 2003 to domain controller, then demote the 2000 which will migrate over settings & control.. then i can decommission the 2000 server
    4. when i type dcpromo, i select additional dc for existing domain, log in with admin credentials. it will not accept only DOMAINNAME. i hit next, and it asks for the full dns name of the existing domain.. this is where i get hung up… you can browse, but it will not accept it… the error i get:

    “An Active domain controller for the domain could not be connected. Ensure the dns domain name is typed correctly.” in details:error code 0x0000232b RCODE_NAME_ERROR

    i’m fairly good at this.. but stumped by this one…

    if there is an easier way.. all i need to do is migrate 10 existing PCs, and login accounts to the new server, whether it’s a new domain, or old, i dont really care


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