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Currently Jobs Market -- You are Invited

By allan ·
We would like to invite everyone to visit for job hunting,posting,forum and free classifields.
This unique job hunting site is free for all to post their resume and look for jobs. There are thousand of jobs posted in the site now for full time/part time and freelance vacancy!
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What is your opinion on current job market for employee and employer now?Are you currently looking for opportunity or need an expert to help for your organization?

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Expert Help ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Currently Jobs Market -- ...

Let's see a postage stamp size link to the jobs, rest of the screen ads for ebay and a dating site.

So if everyone reads my post you get one hit, and I'm UK based anyway.

You didn't even proof your post.

Currently Jobs Market what ?

My opinion on the current market, it's being badly damaged by recruiting firms for both employers and employees. Whatever most of you are expert at, it is not IT. In fact unless you wanted to be a niche provider, I don't see how you could be expert.


Thank you for the rant opportunity, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

P.P.S, the recruiter in question couldn't explain this to me, I got pipped to a contract by an ADO Expert. I still don't get it. May be the explanation was too complex for me.

You do know that Delphi 2005 has not been out ten years?

Oh and can you explain the phrase 'outstanding opportunity', major semantic disconnect on that one between me and a bunch of spammers who can't even word search properly.

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Get him Tony!!!

by stress junkie In reply to Expert Help ?

I didn't check out the web site. I did notice the poor grammar in the post. It's pretty laughable to think that it came from a legitimate employment site of any consequence. Maybe some little fly by night operation, or just a site to collect valid IP addresses for bot infiltration.

That "AG" part in the name means it's a German corporation doesn't it? I really don't know.

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Or...AG could mean...

by TechExec2 In reply to Get him Tony!!!

Or...AG could mean the site is involved promotion of AGricultural employment?? :-)

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Hah!!! I actually thought of agriculture.

by stress junkie In reply to Or...AG could mean...

Then I remembered a company named Falk AG. I think that they are located in Germany. Anyway it's all very confusing.

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Once spammed twice shy

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Get him Tony!!!

Got hit with one like this in the uk.
One job on the site, not real.

'Sister' business, just happens to be IT gadgets and I just happen to get about 8 special offer emails from it.

Total coincidence of course.

Link to a dating site, what's the point, no job, you can't afford a woman.

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In the Toilet

by jdmercha In reply to Currently Jobs Market -- ...

Employers are paying too little and demanding too much. We get about 100 qualified applicants for every opening we have.

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