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currupt maxtor hard drive

By beronda ·
I have got into problems, my hard drive can't be accessed coz it has been currupted, any ideas on how i can revive it up

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More info Please

by Synthetic In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

Much more info needed. What do you mean by corrupted, are you getting a report of bad sectors, or bad clusters? Do you just hear a grinding noise when you turn on your system. Do you get a no OS found, or corrupted MBR error messages on boot? First determine if it is a hardware issue, or software. If your not sure, just post back all the info you can, and I'm sure it can be reduced to your error. The answer, if there is one, will completely depend on the kind of "corruption" your having.

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corrupted drive

by beronda In reply to More info Please

Thanks for the reply. Actually the message i get is "unreadable drive".
The drive is detected when i switch on my computer but doesn't go beyond the above message.
I have used maxtors' Powermax diagonistic utility and passed all the results including a thorough scan on the drive, but my problem hasn't been solved.

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What file system

by jdmercha In reply to corrupted drive

IS it a FAT32 drive or NTFS?

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Corrupted drive

by beronda In reply to What file system

its NTFS file system

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What is the OS?

by acegolfr In reply to Corrupted drive

What type of OS? XP. 2k. win98?
Did you download a file that corrupted the OS?
Installed a new driver?
More info needed

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Try a utility,

by olsenbanden2 In reply to What is the OS?

There are a utilitie that will bring the drive back to factory condition. That should fix the problem.

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best odds of saving data

by blackburnrovers In reply to corrupted drive

download knoppix live cd, and burn it to a cd -

then, boot to the cd, and you will be in linux, and you should be able to see your hard drive (as long it is not totally fried).

next, save your data to an external location - you can either ftp your data somewhere, or use an external firewire/usb drive to dump that data. if you use an external drive, make sure it is plugged in before you power up with the knoppix cd.

once you are backed up, format your hard drive and reinstall your OS and programs. then restore your data from the backup.

using a firewire drive, we have saved countless students' data from bad hard drives.

if your drive is totally shot, this may not work, and you may need a new drive.

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Drive Recovery

by wjstroup In reply to best odds of saving data

DTIDATA.COM has a utility (Recover It All for Windows) that will allow you to recover anything from a hard drive as long as it can spin up. I've had some decent success with this util.

If you come across difficulty mounting the disk in the first place, try sticking it in a plastic bag and then in the freezer for about 10 min or so. I know that one sounds bizzare, but it seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in the PC HW tech field.

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Sometimes the weirdest stuff works

by jclark In reply to Drive Recovery

I've frozen and sometimes dropped drives on their sides from about 3 - 4 feet and it has unstuck a drive long enough to read the data.

If you are running NTFS you won't be able to read the drive from a DOS boot disk without some sort of middleware interpreter, you're much better off using the latest release of Knoppix and either a firewire drive - or my favorite a USB pen-drive.

Both work well with Knoppix and have saved my bacon on more than one occasion because of poor quality control at the hard drive factory.

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A few things...

by mrafrohead In reply to corrupted drive

To start, what happened before this problem occured???

Did you install anything new? Do you have updated a/v???

You could have gotten an infection. Your drive may be failing, or you may have gotten a few bad sectors.

I would be inclined to toy with the MBR first...

If you aren't running any special programs on the computer that require the MBR to be a certain way, you can rewrite the MBR on the computer and see how that works.

Just keep in mind that before you do that, you should make a backup of the original.

Let me know if you need specifics on programs/commands to do the backup of the old mbr and the rewrite of the new one.

Lastly, if that doesn't help, you can restore the MBR and then try a data recovery utility to see if there are still recoverable files on the hard drive.

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