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    Cursor selects multiple items


    by sandra405 ·

    When I am logged onto my office by anydesk, randomly, the mouse cursor selects multiple items. Nothing I do from the remote computer fixes the issue. When I go into the office to fix this, it appears to be the right shift key causing the problem. As soon as I touch the right shift key, the problem is fixed. I thought it was the office keyboard so I cleaned the shift key in case it was sticking. No change, the problem persisted. I then purchased a new keyboard and replaced it for the office keyboard. No change, the problem persisted. If it is not the physical keyboard in the office or the remote computer, what can cause this? How can it be fixed?

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      Reply To: Cursor selects multiple items

      by birdmantd ·

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      So, you tried a different keyboard. What about a different mouse? Sometimes the buttons on the mouse can stick, just like on a keyboard.

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      Cursor selects multiple items – resolved

      by sandra405 ·

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      I discovered it was the virtual keyboard.
      when I opened the virtual keyboard on my office computer and clicked on the shift key, the problem cleared.

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