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    Cursor slowed down


    by jlk@ams ·

    Anybody have an idea what’s slowed my cursor down. In all MS app’s my cursor now moves at the speed of a snail. I’m using NT 4.0. Something must have slowed it down but my only change was to add some RAM and change my virtual mem settings. Thanks, JK.

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      Make it fast !

      by jlouis45 ·

      In reply to Cursor slowed down

      hello try out start – settings – control panel – keyboard – cursor – increase the speed.

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        Thanks – it worked, but…

        by jlk@ams ·

        In reply to Make it fast !

        I feel pretty stupid – being a member of the TechRepublic and unable to figure out Control Panel – keyboard – cursor. It was already set to the fastest speed, but the repeat delay was one notch down from max. I maxed out the settings and that made all the difference – wierd. Thanks.

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