Custom application directory partition to replicate zone data in forest

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I am trying to create a custom application directory partition to replicate zone data to specified domain controllers in a forest. For that I create a first domain in a new forest using dcpromo on standalone computer name Server2003. The default zone replication scope is To All Dns Servers in the Active directory domain

Then I add 2 new domain trees name and in existing forest using dcpromo on windows server 2003 name computers Server1 and server2 respectively. The defaul domain functional level is set to windows server 2003.

Then I create an application directory partition name SpecialDns on computer name Server 2003 in active directory domain using command :-

dnscmd Server2003 / createdirectorypartition

To enlist a computer named Server1 in the application directory partition I type a command on Server2003 machine :-

Dnscmd Server1 / enlistdirectorypartition

But I an getting following error :-
Enlist directory partition failed:
status = 9901 (0x000026AD)

Command failed: DNS_ERROR_DP_DOES_NOT_EXIST 9901 (000026ad)
When I try using Ip address of Server1 I am getting same error message.

When I try FQDN of Server1 I am getting error :-
Enlist directory partition failed:
status = 1722 (0x000006BA)

Command failed: RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE 1722 (000006ba)

Please advise me the correct way to replicate zone data to specific domain controllers in a forest

Thanks in advance.

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by CG IT In reply to Custom application direct ...

appears to not be the FQDN meaning that DNS can not resolve That means that the DNS server isn't enlisted for the zone

the command is:

dnscmd <ServerName> /EnlistDirectoryPartitionFQDN

where FQDN is the DNS application directory partition, where you stored the AD zone [Active Directory Domain Services]AND the server is enlisted for the zone.

Note: From MS Technet: "the DNS server hosting the zone must be enlisted in the specified application directory partition. Use this scope when you want zone data to be replicated to domain controllers in multiple domains but you do not want the data to replicate to the entire forest".

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