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Custom document workflow/archive solution

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Web Development Zone newsletter explains how you can create the foundation for a document workflow/archiving solution on a budget.

Did you create your own customized document workflow/archive solution? If so, what methods did you use? If you haven't, does this newsletter spark your interest in creating your own solution? Please let us know.

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Interested party

by brad In reply to Custom document workflow/ ...

I am currently creating a web-based document workflow/archive
solution using PHP and MySQL.

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Document Workflow/Archive Solution

by srobbins In reply to Custom document workflow/ ...

This topic will fall under my 2005 initiatives. Right now, I'm just beginning to think through the process. I'll be working with an Intranet front end and a SQL back end, and possibly write it in .NET.

I'll be interested to see how others go about building solutions and what strategies and resources are available.

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Looks like this may be just what I've been looking for

by moniekk In reply to Custom document workflow/ ...

We have a lot of files named "country - product - serial no" and are looking for a fast way to compile all of them into one document in chronological order, listing file title and then the content (well, the important part of the content). Hopefully you're article can help me a bit further!

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Good Starting Point

by flidav In reply to Looks like this may be ju ...

I have over the past three weeks been trying to work up a process to extract data fields from a bit more than 15,500 .xml files distributed under 548 sub-directories. These files are maintenance requirements cards for my organization. What I am trying to extract is for a structured man power analysis to determine how many new people we need to hire during the upcoming year. Unfortunately the data within these files is poorly structured. Two of the fields within a given table can repeat or are occasionally skipped. MS Access2k3 with a bit of help from VBA and a little manual intervention every half hour or so grunts through the exercise, but far from elegantly in about 11 hours. The article is a good start, but only touches the surface for what I need at the moment. Please keep it coming!

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Working on an ASP/MSAccess solution

by MikeBlane In reply to Custom document workflow/ ...

I've been working on a Task Tracking system that will incorporate several key processes that my specific group needs, and will consolidate three different types of information about the group and it's work into an easier to use system. I was very pleased to see the article about the WorkFlow system, and will be looking to see if there are ways that I can incorporate attachments and document capturing on my system from this.

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