Custom external storage with SAS/Fibre Channel/SCSI

By jwgirdler ·
Currently, in my company we are working to upgrade our servers. I am at a point where I am concerned with our current storage issue. Is it possible/affordable to create a custom external storage device using SAS or a different technology?

I have never used this and was mostly wondering how it can be done or what hardware is required to do this.

Thanks for your help, and if I wasn't clear enough I can rephrase or clear it up some more.

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Very possible and fairly affordable

by robo_dev In reply to Custom external storage w ...

you have many options.

the most common is FC, bu using a McData, Brocade or similar switch, you can hang terabytes of storage shelves off of these.

SAS is the new kid on the block, but very similar setup.

Personally I've dealt with some medium sized Hitachi SAN devices, as well as some of the big IBM SANs (like 40TB)

On the smaller scale, even Dell sells SAN solutions.

A cool product is the NexSan Sataboy....

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Maybe a bit much.

by jwgirdler In reply to Very possible and fairly ...

Thank you for the reply, it gave me a good insight into the larger storage options outt here.

I am looking into external storage due to the fact that we are looking to go virtual and migrate our three physical servers down to one and use VMWare to virtualize a linux install and two server 2008 installs.

I am planning to order the recomended virtualization servers from Dell, particularly the PowerEdge R805. My concern is that that server only offers a maximum of 300GB storage at a RAID 1 level. That would be enough for 2 of the 3 servers we are looking to install, but the 3rd will be a file server.

Because we are a small business, we only need ~1 TB of storage. Anything over that is really just overkill for our setup.

I am not as familiar with VMWare as I'd like, but I suppose I could upgrade the current SCSI drives in our file server and use NAS to provide the storage needed to the VMWare server.

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