Custom Laptop Creation

By Quantum24 ·
I realize that this will sound like I'm just being lazy but I really have no idea what I should be looking for in regards to creating a custom laptop. Can anyone recommend a good motherboard, processor, memory card(s), battery, hard drive, CD\DVD drive, and so on for a laptop? I don't need anything fancy and I have a very strict budget of $1000.00. I am mainly looking for components that will easily run OpenOffice, access the internet, and possibly play one or two light games. Thanks.

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First, I'd check the system requirements

by seanferd In reply to Custom Laptop Creation

of the software (especially games) that you will be running. You can then cross-reference the requirements to pick a motherboard that will support the OS and software.

Maybe someone else knows of a good all-around laptop, but for $1000 you should be able to get something fairly powerful.

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Well for starters you can not buy the individual Components

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Custom Laptop Creation

When it comes to NB's. You need to buy a NB Chassis that comes with the M'Board, Monitor and all connections as well as Battery.

You then add a CPU, RAM, HDD, Optical Drive and so on as required,

The 2 main suppliers that I would recommend that you look at are Clevo


and MSI


Both supply Barebones NB's.

As for internal components I like Seagate HDD's these are NB Drives in the 2.5 Inch format and Sony Optical Drives but these need to be the Slim Line type for a NB. These can also be either IDE or SATA Drives depending on what the M'Board requires as well.

As far as CPU's go this all depends on what the M'Board that you buy uses, you either have a choice of Intel or AMD CPU's.

When it comes to RAM I only use Corsair RAM but that is just me and I have yet to have any problems with it.

I have supplied a lot of Clevo's to Earthmover's and never had a single problem with complaints from these people and I have also supplied a lot of MSI to the same people over a 8 year period and have had the same results as Clevo.

The only reason I stopped supplying Clevo was because the Wholesaler that I buy from stopped selling them and replaced them with the MSI offering.

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Verified by Intel

by ken In reply to Custom Laptop Creation

Intel has a progam to use common building blocks. You used to be able to buy the parts but now you have to go to an "Integrator" who you can custom build from.


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