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Custom Programming Policies?

By ramjac ·
I've been asked by the President of my company to examine the way we deal with outside custom programmers and rate of pay. We spend alot of money on the design, installation, testing and if something doesn't work, then more money to fix it. I was wondering if anyone has some set policies on repair work, etc dealing with custom programmers?

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by xxx123 In reply to Custom Programming Polici ...

All the policies in the world will not help you if the project REQUIREMENTS are not carefully thought out, thoroughly discussed and written up in DETAIL. If you have a DETAILED agreement signed, you can withold payment until the work is satisfactory.

If, on the other hand, you are like many clients who do everything by the seat-of-the-pants, you will never get control of these costs. And it's NO DIFFERENT for your internal programmers - - you just don't track the costs as carefully so you don't think about it.

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Thanks for the feedback...

by ramjac In reply to Specifications!

You're right. We are about 1/2 and 1/2. Projects get specified, but adds, fixes, etc. get done "by the seat of our pants". I'm trying to devise a fair compromise between us and our outside sources. So far, not much success.

Thanks again!

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custom programming

by raghu In reply to Custom Programming Polici ...

I use Xtreme programming techniques combined with RUB based
SDLC in my company. This is because we have a small team of
15 software engg and people do leave at good rate.

The requirements are never complete, and you have to roll down
once in a while. We use 4 layers of people i.e. implementation,
core, environment and application. I have noticed that more less
people you keep in application development and more distinct
your people layers are, more the roll back nos comes down.

However, this model depends on the type of business you are in
and may vary heavily in the slighest change.

Never the less, please feel free to contact if you wish you do a
good quality control.

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