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Custom Setup ???

By outrageous1 ·
I have recently decided to reformat my system ... Get rid of all the garbage and clutter that binds it up, and make it simpler. What I was wondering is if there is a way to perform a custom install (similarly to what you would do with say Microsoft Office ... where you would choose which particular components of the program you wanted and didn't before even installing). If anyone knows anything about doing this, any commentary would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Customized XP Installation

by BFilmFan In reply to Custom Setup ???

You could certainly do a custom installation and choose which Windows components to install. Unless you wanted to go to a great deal of trouble for a single installation, the easiest way is to choose a custom installation when offered the opportunity in the Windows XP build menu.

Otherwise, you will need to build an installation answer file from a sysprep image.

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Limited Options

by TheChas In reply to Custom Setup ???

You can choose a custom installation when installing Windows.

However, most of the items you can skip are accessories and not core Windows elements.

I always do a custom installation. But, tend to end up installing more items as I tend to pick all of the utilities.


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by outrageous1 In reply to Custom Setup ???

Well, that was 1/2 the answer I was looking for. But the problem is, I'm never given the option to do a custom setup. (I guess I should have mentioned that I have XP corporate pro)... Oh and that when I do a fresh install, I use the 6 boot discs as my cd is not bootable... Either of you have any particular steps up their sleeves that they could unleash to me?? )

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Here is a good link

by jdclyde In reply to Custom Setup ???

This should get you where you want to be.

The guy has some real good information and tips on tweaking out your system.

Was this the other half of your question?

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no install indentifaction code for Windows XP Home edition

by absolute386 In reply to Here is a good link

i need to get and installation code so i can install a new operating system, because my computer is lagging really back with the current one.

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