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custom subnet for class c addresses

By Afatasione ·
I am an amature trying to setup custom subnets for 2 networks (IP address 192168.0.0 & 172.16.30). I have 10 machines 1 linux router 2 cisco 2501 routers & 1 cisco 2600 router along w/2 Dlink switches between the 10 machines. I'm confused on how many subnets I will need & how to figure out the physical segments. Please help. :)

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First question is WHY subnet

by Deadly Ernest In reply to custom subnet for class c ...

you should only ever subnet if their are reasons for doing so; such as too many users in the network, eg 200 or so users; or work topography for security, eg keep accounts users seperate from management and stores sections, etc; or reasons of physical topography, eg work space spread over two floors so make each a subnet to simplify handling of traffic.

Once you know how many sub nets you want to create, then you go about working out how to create them using binary languags and convert that back to decimal.

For an example of how and why you would sub-net my website has, on its page about networks, a fairly complex net work and sub net plan for a very large organisation spread out over several physical and logical locations and sub-nets.

With 10 users I would not subnet unless it was needed for reasons of data security, eg managers and general staff. Then you could split is up as 192.168.0.x/7 and have space for 124 users in each sub-net as each subnet would use its first and last numbers for internal management so sub-net A would be to and sub-net B would be to - 0,127, 128, and 255 would be out for network management.

However, if you are trying to actually set two existing networks (192.168.0.x and 172.16.30.x) up to work with each other you need only set up router table directions in the routers that connect them sot hat they will allow them to talk to each other.

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