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I am trying to build a PC and want to know which motherboard I can use to cater the following:

Suitable OS.
Which intel dual core processor

Video card to support running 2 monitor at the same time. (21 "Color monitor")
DVD/CDROM/CDRW/Dual layer DVD writer combo drive.
2 x Serial ATA hard disk drives connected in RAID 0 configuration.
Floopy disk drive.
Serial. parallel and at least 4 USB 2 ports.
2 x IEEE 1394 fire wire ports.
case and Power supply (500 watts) (inclule

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by cellosaurus2 In reply to CuStom

right for the operating system get DOS its so reliable.

for the processor get a 751MHz intel crappyness

you should get about 99999999999999GB of RAM

and forget about the mother board there over rated you dont need one.

video card can be inbuilt in the invisible motherboard

and you dont need a cd rom drive you can just stuff the cd rom in the hard disk and replace the normal disks.

forget RAID cause if one of your drives die ill be laughing at you and you wont be happy.

get over your floppy drive its not worth it


forget the other **** apart from the keyboard get a ergonomic keyboard 4000 from microsof there cool.

and for the NIC dont worry about it

one NIC will magically go into ur PC and make you faster.

now that you know where to begin have fun

iv helped

cheers from lol "you just got owned"


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