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Customer Relationship tools

By Jaqui ·
What tools would you recommend?

I've been looking at open source CRM tools and have found three that can be made to integrate together for a webhosting service. << live chat for online helpdesk << help dek ticket system <<sales ticket system, with automatic invoicing, focussed on web hosting service needs.

edi for an extra greaterthan symbol

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How about Customer Replacement tools?

by The Scummy One In reply to Customer Relationship too ...

for those pesky ones that dont have a clue, and just mess with stuff.... Yup, is there a free download which will 'replace' them?

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nope, but..

by Jaqui In reply to How about Customer Replac ...

you can always refuse to take their money

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More detail on what you need?

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Customer Relationship too ...

What do you want to do Jaqui?

At what stage in the business process do you want the software to assist engaging with the client?
- pre-sale (i.e. marketing and lead generation)
- during the sale (online sales tools, shopping trolley, that sort of stuff)
- post sale (helpdesk, ongoing contact etc)

And then, to what purpose or objective? Is it to generate new revenue? To reduce the cost of support?

There are thousands of CRM tools out there, and most come from a particular background or underlying design objective.

Unfortunately the term 'crm' enables anyone who has a and client.address field in their database structure to climb on the bandwagon. They can be very different in how they work and what they do, depending upon their original design.

If you know what it is that you want to achieve, you stand a far better chance of getting the right software.

(23 years of selling this sh1t enables me to make grandiose pronouncemcents like that and still hold down my breakfast. Amazing.)

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oh good, then

by Jaqui In reply to More detail on what you n ...

you can hold my breakfast down too.

The during the sale tools and post sale tools are the areas I'm looking at.

for a startup business, very limited human resources, so easy to operate, with the ability to grow as the business does, rather than have to change tools in the future.

Prefer open source solutions to proprietary ones, since even if it stops being supported I can use the sources to keep it going myself if it's worth using.

The purpose? to have the tools in place to actually be able to handle customer needs / problems, as well as to handle the sales/subscription of hosting services.
[ and renewals of accounts ]
The ones I linked to originally do meet the needs, I was just asking to see if there are better options, since no one person can know every bit of software available on any particular subject, just most of them. :)

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Lemme point you to:

by jmgarvin In reply to Customer Relationship too ...

FrontRange and their Goldmine product for CRM, HEAT or ITSM for your Service Desk, and IPCM for your IVR integration into those tools.

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okay, and

by Jaqui In reply to Lemme point you to:

with a zero microsoft powered network, how do solutions that require ms server to run help

budget for MS based solutions is $0.00 and will never go up.

edit to bump thread

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Magic? ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to okay, and

I'm there with you...I use MS at work because I have too, but I have to say, I spend a LOT of time in VMWare doing real work in Linux...sad really.

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