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By tigers7612 ·
i too like many others am looking into starting my own bizz. i soley want to work with software and virus/spyware/updates and the ocassional system malfunction. i already do it on the side but want to doit full time and need more info on getting started. i am also having a hard time trying to tell people what i will and will not do any sugestions? i am really not into the hardware part of computer repair as of yet and looking to find more info anywhere. i have read the other threads in emj's dicussion and it has helped me somewhat but most of the info was for women, anything for men? thanks in advance everyone!!!!!

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Actually hardware is the easier part of computer service............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to customer suppot bizz

Would you believe I was about to send you an
e-mail and was in the process of doing a little research before bombarding you with a ton of facts. It seems you are anticipating me and are ready to plunge ahead. So I better give you something a little more concrete to work with for the time being. Get over to your nearest Sear's and head for the hardware dept. Buy a set of Craftsman screwdrivers and make sure you do not get anything magnetized and while you're at it get a few pairs of needle nose pliers. Buy the smaller sizes because you'll be working on computers and won't need anything larger. Again demagnetized and get at least one pair with bent nose. Next head for Radio Shack and pick up sets of jewelry screw drivers by Archer. They're six in a box get a box of straight edge and one of Philips head. Look for a grounding strap with a 6' coiled cord, longer if you can find it. Hopefully they will have an anti-static mat if not you will have to find an electronics supply outlet. Also at Radio Shack grab a couple packages of tie wraps get assorted lebgths. Stop by the pharmacy and pick up a pint of isopropyl alcohol and one of de-ionized water.I've got no idea what the going price is on anti-static mats but your toatal should all be less than $50 - $75. Also at Radio Shack buy a digital muti meter
cost somewhere about $30. A roll of black vinyl tape, actually the color doesn't matter but the public for some reason expects it, a utility knife with snap off blades or an Exacto knife and a small plastic tool box and you've got all the basics to be a hardware tech. You can add memory
chips, an optical drive, an additional hard drive a graphics card. Go to any of the download sites and download any diagnostic software you will need, the preferred flavor this month is Sandia Labs but there are lots of others and surprisingly the free stuff is just as good as the commercial stuff.Go to:
this is where you will find nearly all the drivers you will ever need and after you follow the instructions you will have a boot CD to raise the dead and the best part is it's also free. Download a copy of JV16 Power Tools the best registry cleaner bar none. Unfortunately it used to be free but is now shareware and you get a 30 day trial after which you will be asked to pay $29.95. It's worth it. You are now reasonably equipped to be a hardware tech but not a repair guy. Most hardware service just involves replacing parts but if you really want to get into repair work you will need more advanced equipment like Fluke meters, soldering irons and wire strippers and other specialized equipment all of it expensive and not needed until you've made some money to pay for it. If I had a better idea of your location I could be more specific as regards business practices and licensing requirements. I'm familiar with New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire,Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Alabama,Washington, Wisconsin, Oregon Arizona,New Mexico and California business practices and have access to most of the others to a lesser degree. I don't mind sharing what I know because when I got started people shared with me so if I can help it's my way of payback. Hopefully you'd do the same given the opportunity. I don't know when I'll get a chance to finish the e-mail but it should be by the end of the week. Ciao till then.

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more info

by tigers7612 In reply to customer suppot bizz

first off i live in central illinois. but i found out today i don't have the funds to get my bizz off the ground(license,etc.) I have the knowledge todo it but not the funds. Is there a way to do it without too much money?

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Refer to my answer to EMJ about getting started for less than $100.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to more info

I wasn't kidding. 4 yrs ago Illinois was charging $25 (could be less but I know it wasn't more)to file a doing business as (DBA)form at the local court house I think it was state but it could have been county. It definitely was not federal. Go on line and check out the Illinois web site probably You might be able to download the form, print it, fill it in in the comfort of your home and then take it to the court house to file it and get a stamped copy. The more I think about it I'm fairly certain it was a state court house because even though our office was on South Wacker we drove out somewhere not far from O'Hare, Elk Grove and that was where we got the form processed. By the way it's only necessary to file once in a life time. Half the equipment I mentioned you might already have. I assume you do have a computer and if possible a lap top as well.You need at least one of these but both are preferable. You will need a high speed connection, the sooner the better but dial up is better than nothing. Hopefully the ISP is the phone company because AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail look bush league and convey the image of amateur. You don't need a web site but when you can afford it get one, If you've been keeping count I've got you set up with permit, tools and $50 in your petty cash plus $ 20 in the bank all for less than $200. It can be done for less but my
God it will be tough. Later. (Oh by the way you are already making a saving. I give seminars on pretty much what I'm telling you here for free. I'll tell you about seminars another time but trust me what I'm telling you here is pretty much the gist of what I talk about without the dog and pony show and overheads. Of course you don't get the binder, pen and ball cap but do you care.)

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A little more quick advice....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Refer to my answer to EMJ ...

You are going into business for yourself to be independent and to make money. When you are starting out you can't be too fussy about how you make money as long as it's legal. You are in the business of doing business NOT and I repeat NOT refusing business. As long as it's legal and profitable, do it. I'll also tell you about cheap computers next time and for God's sake laugh a little and have some fun at it.

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by tigers7612 In reply to A little more quick advic ...

thanks for the info and for gods sake please let me know if there is any more info cuz i could use it. i will checck into the dba forms and fill them out soon as i can. and in another note, i try to laugh as much as possible nowadays just to get me through the day, hehe!

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