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Customers Are Winning THE PC Price Wars

By Shanghai Sam ·
I don't THINK so! Yes, it's true that PCs are at obscenely low prices. And users are out buying $300 to $600 computers. BUT, do they know exactly what they ARE buying?! Rebates can be a killer! I have several technically challenged friends who are stuck with 2 or three ISPs at once - $40 to 50 per month for online access - because of those blasted rebates.
What good is buying, say, an E-machine that is going to be absolutely useless in 2 years, when you are obligated to MSN for 3 years?!
Alas, this is being submitted to a forum of technically qualified people. So the argument may fall on deaf ears. Caveat Emptor, right? But, be a pal. Let your friend or neighbor know that the $300 PC they are looking at may cost them well over $1000 before they fully meet their obligation.
"Winning the price war?" Not in a million years! People need to read the fine print. Or, rather, read between the lines of the fine print. Most costs associated with rebates are twice the value of the actual rebate.
The same is true of "bundled" packages. Low grade monitors, junky printers, scanners that won't drive the next level of mega-pixel technology.
People are running out to Best Buy to get $49 scanners that won't work with their next purchase; a $500 digital camera...for their $300 PC! Go figure.
I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for those who haven't been able to keep up with the technology curve. But, if being a pal doesn't tweak your instinct to help your neighbor or coworker, consider the landfill problem. Most of those 2 year old scanners and 400X400 "high density" printers cluttering up closets will end up at the curb and, inevitably, in the ground in a year.
People in general are not winning the PC Price Wars. Many are justclearing the shelves of yesterday's junk for the sake of a "good buy" and tying a rebate rope around their necks without being aware of what they're getting into. Buying a computer

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I've always given good advice

by epepke In reply to Customers Are Winning THE ...

But I seldom experience a case where anyone listened. I have had a lot of people say, "I should have listened to you," but that does not seem to have any effect whatsoever on their decisions in the future.

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