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By ggwbm ·
I have a colleague who has a vision impairment. While I have seen technology to assist to overcome these obstacles (Large Monitor/TV), Text to Voice Software to read his email and word processing documents etc, they just do not seem to fit the bill.The monitor has enlarged the screen but the icons are smooth and crisp and the application is very cumbersome. I need some suggestions. I was thinking of using an HDTV monitor hoping that that would solve the visual problem and also trying to find anew text to voice package. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has had success with these challenges!

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You might try....

by admin In reply to Customers With Special Ne ...

Subscribing here:

You might also check here for ideas, although you have probably used a lot of them:

I have some experience with this personally, and have found that different people tend to do best with different things. Vision impairment covers a lot. Don't get discouraged, and do try the user groups. Their is probably a specific user group in a city near you also, and you may discover it through VICUG.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for the assistance.

by ggwbm In reply to You might try....

Actually, through the resource I was able to meet with people who have faced this challenge and they gave me some great insight. I could actually hear the opinions of folks who actually live this daily. Thank you again!

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Glad to be of Service :>

by admin In reply to Thanks for the assistance ...

Thanks for the reply.

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by epepke In reply to Customers With Special Ne ...

On a Macintosh you could use CloseView. That's how I did it when dealing with a colleague who had retinal damage. Of course, if you ask this question, you probably aren't using a Macintosh and have a lot of reasons why you think you can't. Software with poor usability usually beats out software with good usability in the marketplace.

I don't think that HDTV is the answer, but you might search for some large rear-screen projection monitors. Sony and Hitachi make some good ones. Also, of course, set the display to 640 x 480 when using a big monitor.

Office XP is supposed to have some usability features, but I haven't seen it, and claims such as this tend to have about the same consistency and accuracy as Billie Holiday's various biographies.

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Look at Microsoft's web site for a start

by MC_User In reply to Customers With Special Ne ...

Microsoft built some software into almost all of it's OS's to help diabled users. These do not get installed automatically, you need to implement them.

Microsoft has a web page explaining what features they have as well as a list of third party manufacturers that make products which are cerified to work with its products. Go to:

Tell me if this helps!

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Thank you ! Here is the Sollution

by ggwbm In reply to Customers With Special Ne ...

After going to the "Horses Mouth" so to speak, I chose JAWS by Freedom Scientific. This software is extremely popular in these circles and very well liked. The system comes with audoi training for the candidate as well. Thanks again to all of you!

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