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Hello, I'm new here and this might sound like a silly question.
I'm looking for a solution that would offer me a sort of "customisable workspace", something a bit similar to the old igoogle start page, even though I do not use Google.
Ideally it would include a tab for each workspace and various frames that sync with various services, like evernote, email, feeds, bookmark, calendar, files and lets me embed sites in frames.
Something a bit like this:

So far the only thing that comes close to it that I found is, but it lacks certain options and I'm not too keen on their privacy policies.
Ideally it would be a cloud solution that I can access from any device, but it's not essential, as long as everything is syncing I'm more than fine also with anything that gets the job done, being it a piece of software an web browser extension, or an online service.

The more privacy oriented the better.

Or, alternatively, is there a way to create fixed workspaces like the ones I've just described on my desktop so every day when I start working I'm presented with a layout similar to the one in my crappy drawing?

Does anything like this exist or does it only live in my lucubrations?


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