Customise Save As Box in (W2K registry)

By Gudufl ·
Running W2K Server SP4 and have been wanting to customise the "Save As" boxes in OE6 and IE6 to display:
the Name, Size, Type and Modified colums at all times without having to change the View every time the box opens.
The settings should also be independent of the Explorer's view settings. On changing the Explores View settings the "Save As" box also changes but this is not giving me the view I requier.
Is their a way to change this by editing the registry?
I would be very thankfull for any contributions.

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This might be of help for your issue, or it might not....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Customise Save As Box in ...
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Not their but here

by Gudufl In reply to This might be of help for ...

Hi Peconet,
thanks for your effort, unfortunatly their was no solution to my issue their, but I got help at tom's Guide from Rambler.
Transcript of his post:
"FileOpenPatcher will do what you want - this silly Windows "feature" has bugged me for years, so your plea spurred me to renewed action to find a fix. The box is the "Common Dialog Box", and its size & view are set by COMDLG32.DLL and not by registry entries.

I must just have chosen the right "Google-speak" this time, as I found the pot of gold, or as the author of the fix calls his website, "A jewel in the internet".

Elm?Soft FileOpenPatcher"

I have downloaded and installed FOP (FileOpenPatcher) this is already a major improvement, I now have to figure out how to set options permanently so that FOP dose not revert to its default settings then I have solved my problem.

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