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Customization - I have gathered that...

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About the only reason...

by Robynsveil In reply to Customization - I have ga ...

...I'm staying with dual-boot on my desktop is because programmes like Poser Pro 2014 behave poorly unless they are running in Windows bare metal. Yes, Poser works in WINE -- sort-of -- and can be installed and run in a VM, but there is significant lag: the hardware acceleration provided by VirtualBox just isn't quite there for proggies like Poser... not yet.
I guess a lot depends on what you need XP to do... if it's for programmes that don't require heaps of memory or direct hardware (graphics) access, a VM should work okay. I've actually found that XP Pro runs heaps faster in VirtualBox than it runs on bare metal on the same machine, but that's only because I don't need all the so-called "security" programmes (AV and all that stuff, which don't work right anyway, since they're all "after the fact") running in the background.
Every OS has its quirks: and GNULinux is no exception. However, you'll find that once you have things set up, you'll not mess with it again (particularly if you stay with an LTS version - that's assuming you go with a Debian-based distro like Mint or Ubuntu)... it just keeps on ticking. And you'll find that GNULinux is actually *infinitely* more configurable than Windows could ever hope to be. It's just a matter of finding out how.

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Every time you use "take offline", god kills a kitten

by Slayer_ In reply to Customization - I have ga ...

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