Customized DCOM Security Settings Not Saving on Server 2003

By bds_1959 ·
I have an application that requires Customized DCOM Security settings. On the Windows XP Server that it was running on, everything works fine. Now I'm moving it to a 2003 Server, and I'm having problems. I THINK it's because I can't save the Customized DCOM settings? I need to Customize the settings for the Launch and Activation Permissions and Access Permissions under the Security tab of the Properties Window of the DCOM Config property I need to change. I can do the necessary Edits, BUT, when I hit Apply and OK, when I go back in again, it shows Use Defaults. On the XP Server, if I do the same thing, when I go back in, the Customize radio button is selected. Since my application isn't working on the 2003 Server, and the Security always shows Default when I go in, I'm ASSUMING that's the problem? Also, to test and verify, I've used the Default on the XP Server, and, when I do, my application fails as I expected. What am I missing on the 2003 Server? HELP!!! Thanks!

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