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Customizing fields in Word 2007

By Stargate_One ·
I have yet to get the path reference to work in Word 2007. I place the command { FILENAME \p } in a footer and nothing happens.

This field code is copied straight out of the list of field codes that MS has on their website (since they didn't deem it necessary to include them in the local copy of the program :^(

You would think that MS would include this type of reference in their library of footers instead of those fancy footers no one ever uses???????

Anyone that can help - it's appreciated. Thank you.

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Do you want the PATH or the FILENAME???

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Customizing fields in Wor ...

You failed to tell us what IS happening, if anything. Just 'what' doesn't work?

Have you tried using the INSERT FIELD menu? You can't simply type the command in and expect WORD to know that it's a field. The Examples on MS are simply showing what the code behind the scenes would look like.

And, by the way, field codes are explained in the HELP, if you know what to look for.

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Further Information

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Do you want the PATH or t ...

This is copied directly out of the HELP documentation for WOR

Did you type the field characters ( { } ) on the keyboard? If so, the field won't work. To correctly insert a field, first press ALT+F9 to display field codes. Then press CTRL+F9 to insert empty field characters, and then type the instructions. You can also insert a field by clicking Field on the Insert menu.

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Thank you

by Stargate_One In reply to Further Information

ThumbsUp2, I must thank you. I look past the scarcasm and am truly greatful for your help. I pray the Geek Gods look kindly upon you...........

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