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Customizing pictures on a website based on user input

By laura_zavakos ·
I am trying to design a website for a company that sells light fixtures. We have the same light fixture in different colors and available with different shades. I want our users to be able to select the bar, the color and which shades they want on our light and for the website to show them a picture of what they've selected. What is the best way to do this ? I've been trying to research but I don't know what to call it.


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Whats the site being developed in?

by Fred123456 In reply to Customizing pictures on a ...

It seems to me that you would need an image for every possible combination, which I assume you have. Then, using Java or VB, create an applet that loads the image once the selection is made.

What are you using to develop the site?

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by laura_zavakos In reply to Whats the site being deve ...

I'm using FrontPage 2003.

Would I actually have to have a picture of each one ? Isn't it possible to place the shades on the picture ? I have a picture of each of our bars in all the colors available and I have pictures of all of the shades. We just brought our photography in house so if I need pictures of every one of them I'm sure we can do it.

I'm a complete newby to this so any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I've played around in FrontPage and made updates to the website but we're looking at a complete redesign of the web page.


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by Fred123456 In reply to FrontPage

Try Jerry's site he gives good examples and explains the coding and logic behind changing pixel colors with Java..


But if your are not that familiar with Java and coding, you may want to go with a more basic approach like creating images for each combination.

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Changing colors

You're looking for something like this:


..which is a frame called from this page:


..which uses images such as:


..and this JavaScript function:

function overSwatch(color,idx)

I'm not a JavaScript guy, but it looks as if there might be separate bike images loaded when the "choice of color" swatches are hovered. Not an easy task ...

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by laura_zavakos In reply to Changing colors

Thank you both, you have definitely sent me in the right direction, I didn't even know where to start, java, vb, ...

This BMW website is similar, I don't need the hover ability but I think I can take it from here. If not, I'll be back !!

Thanks Again,

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Javascript or Flash

by csauve In reply to Customizing pictures on a ...

Javascript (roll-over) or flash could be used for this too.

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