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    cutting corners


    by minchyp ·

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this
    recently and the more I do, the more I
    come to the conclusion that
    successful IT management is about

    – Which corners I can cut and not get
    caught out?

    They don’t know, you save money,
    look good and everyone is happy.

    Besides isn’t that our job?

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      In a word No

      by james r linn ·

      In reply to cutting corners

      IT’s role is to provide services.

      The kinds of service we provide and how we provide them are ultimately the responsibility of the customer.

      It is up to IT management to demonstrate the value of the investment in IT and work with the customer on providing the best service at the optimal efficiency.

      There are organizations where cost cutting is paramount. Its up to IT to work with customers to find mutually acceptable ways to cut costs. Doing things in secret is not the way to sucess – it helps build walls between IT and the customer.

      In the end IT should look for opportunities, present their recommendations and let the customer decide based on costs benefits and risk. We can’t possibly know everything going on in a business at any given time – so don’t attempt to be psychic – communicate.


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      What are you thinking?

      by ayoshi ·

      In reply to cutting corners

      Building an architecture based on “shortcuts” may seem to save money, but over the long-term, you will spend much more money supporting and/or fixing the problems caused by the short-cuts.

      Some data processes can be redone to be more efficient, however, short-cutting a business process only creates headaches for your successor (because you will be gone when your architecture starts to fall apart).

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