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CV header

By Ahmeto ·
I'm a too confused about what to add on my CV as a header, I want to add that I'm looking for a job in web development preffarably using an open source technology i.e. java or php or Ruby but not microsoft's .net .

What I decided to add as my CV header is the following:
Looking for a Job in web development preffarably using an open source technology.

Please let me know how wuill this impact the employer, and what does open source particularly refer to i.e. what if the employer is using php with Oracle database, will that still be included in the above statement?

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Not in the CV

by Bizzo In reply to CV header

Generally statements like that go in a covering letter, not in the CV.

The CV should contain factual information, e.g. name, contact details, qualifications, past employment etc. The same CV can be sent to a number of employers. The covering letter should contain statements as to why you're applying for a particular job, or why you're contacting a particular employer. The covering letter will be specific for the job you're applying for.

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Objective field

by Ahmeto In reply to Not in the CV

I searched the subject, the information i presented above is reffered to as the Objective field


The reason for including this is that im heading to a Job Fair and i'll be applying to a number of vacancies

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I stand corrected

by Bizzo In reply to Objective field

Yes, that article does seem to push the Objectives Statement.

Seeing as you're going to a job fair, then (like the article suggests) if a covering letter is omitted, the objective statement is useful. Although I would suggest putting what your objectives are, not what they are not. I'd remove the "... but not Microsoft .Net.", as I doubt they'd be interested in what you don't want to do.

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my exact post

by Ahmeto In reply to I stand corrected

Sorry to correct u again or maybe i didn't get what u said here's the objective i intend to write, please let me know what you think:

"Looking for a Job in web development preffarably using an open source technology."


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The problem with these things is they can exclude you from

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I stand corrected

opportunities. Personally I'd word it as something like, expand your tool set and experience, for instance LAMP. I mean presumably you don't want to do PHP as such, you want to get some widely marketable 'skills'. Certainly putting you don't want to work with a particular tech is going to bin you straight away in most situations.

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Thank you for the insight

by Ahmeto In reply to The problem with these th ...

I think ur right about what u said, it does have a bad influence saying I prefer a particular tech. I think i'll just go with web development alone something like:

"Looking for a software engineering job in the field of web development."

Thank you for the insight this thing have been on my mind for a while that im not considering it properly.

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Fairs, HRs, recruiters

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thank you for the insight

Basically (well usually after a nice word search) they look for negatives. can't drive, no degree, didn't go to Harvard, no mention of ASP.net v6.2 ( ), etc. Don't give them any you don't have to.
It's just an extrapolation of standard practice. I having been in the game quite some time and don't have an education section in my resume, the HR numpties just take it as a given. If I put on there I have no degree, I'd be in the bin before they read about the decades of experience that takes it place.

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You ought to spell "preffarably" PROPERLY ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CV header


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