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    Cyber Quiz: Governance and ICTs: Nilekani (2004b) reviewed by Dr D.C.Misra


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    Cyber Quiz: Articles-4: Governance and ICTs: Nilekani (2004b):The Measurement Problem reviewed by Dr D.C.Misra

    This* is the second of a series of three articles by Nandan M.Nilekani, CEO of Infosys on governance and information and communication technologies (ICTs). (The first article, Nilekani
    (2004a) was recommended for reading in this column on Monday, October 25, 2004. See message no.91).

    Nilekani presents a refreshing perspective to view governance from the triad of efficiency, effectiveness and equity, call it a 3E
    perspective, in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) can play a significant role.

    In this second article, Nilekani deals with effectiveness stating that effectiveness in governance is all about outcomes and results.
    According to him, information technology can be used to ensure better outcomes. He realises that the most important lever is using the voice of the citizen.

    The third and the last article in the series will appear next Tuesday in the Economic Times, New Delhi. This article is recommended for reading by any one interested in knowing the role ICTs can play in improving governance in the developing countries.

    Dr D.C.Misra
    November 4,2004
    * Nilekani, Nandan M.(2004b): The measurement problem, The Economic Times, New Delhi, November 1, Monday, op-ed, p-6, available:,curpg-1.cms (accessed: November 4,2004).


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