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Cyber security in personal life

By GeorgeASmith24 ·
No data is secure today. So most of the people with a secret are scared. This is not good for me too, I am a businessman and of course, my company has secrets.(not bad ones but secrets.)This has got me really scared. My company has a great cybersecurity solutions company ( )managing everything. But I tend to mix my personal and professional life, after all, it is my company. So I need a way to protect my personal belongings from any kind of breach that can leak any data.
My first thought was to ask the same company to help me with this. But later I understood it was a bad idea. If you guys have any suggestions for this do let me know.
PS: I am not really a social media person, the must-haves for me are email and SMS.

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by davidsnipes In reply to Cyber security in persona ...

It's strange that there are no comments. The issue is quite trembling and worth discussing.
And the first thing to ponder on is services everyone uses for data protection. Of course, basic measures are assured by safe passwords, fixed firewall, protected internet connection and other fundamental IT tricks. Other things are assured through the private and encrypted internet connection like VPN. My personal favourite is this one how to hide my ip address.
Oh yeah, and some premium anti-virus protection is must have as well.

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Separating personal life from business

by hutchinsa In reply to Cyber security in persona ...

Hello, George. From what I understand, you use personal email at work, and you are afraid that in the event of data breach that the data from your personal accounts could be leaked too. If I understood your problem correctly, the best thing, of course, is to completely separate your personal world from your business world. For example, if you have two phones (one business one personal), you can use your personal phone to check your personal emails and browse the web, if that is a concern. Set up an online data backup too if you want to keep personal files out of your business computer. Stay safe!

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Cyber security in personal life

by tejas_ambekar In reply to Cyber security in persona ...

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting our electronic data by preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber attacks. With each convenience that technology has brought into our lives, the level of inconvenience has also been elevated by making it easier for hackers to obtain our personal and private records, and in turn, making it more difficult for us to prevent it from occurring. Simply withdrawing money from an ATM, electronically filing our taxes, or refilling a prescription online can put us at risk for being hacked. With several recent and high profile examples of cyber attacks, we have all become more aware of this growing problem and, unfortunately, become either a victim or know someone who has experienced this rising epidemic of crime.

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