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Cyber Security Jobs: What are the working hours like?

By xcpollyxc ·
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Hello all. I have an offshoot question for the peeps currently in the Cyber Security field. I am getting ready to start my own journey into this industry and have an odd question. What is the work/life balance in Cyber positions? I know this is a very broad question and depends on a lot of factors, but in your experience working or job hunting, how would you say the work-time off work ratio is? I mainly ask because I see tons of Cyber jobs posted for graveyard positions (24/7 SOC positions). To me, this seems like it would make this profession difficult on those with family or other life commitments. Now, I have also seen many positions that require nothing of the sort. In your experience, would you guess that more job postings say "you work graveyard" or do more postings say "normal hours". Before anyone starts preaching about finding a different career path or whatever, please know that I ask simply because I do not know logistically what to expect out of these positions once I am qualified to even apply. A little background on me: I am getting ready to start the BSCIA program at WGU. I currently work in the IT field as a Systems Analyst and will have plenty of job experience coupled with a degree and certifications once I graduate. I guess I am just wondering what I COULD expect after graduation in terms of the types of jobs and what those are like. I am told that I pretty much have to accept the fact I will work graveyard shifts/late at night. Is this true? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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